31st January 2012

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Susan Komen Backs out of Planned Parenthood →

Some great news - Susan G Komen Foundation - stops Money to Planned Parenthood.

I hear lots of little baby hands applauding this move.

Early Morning Planned Parenthood Protest

Infamous Johnson County Kansas Planned Parenthood
Photo I took while protesting

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    If they back out, I’ll find another way to support breast cancer awareness.
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    If they really want an end to breast cancer, the least they could do is allow breast exams in every community.
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    “Planned Parenthood said its clinics provided about 4 million screenings for breast cancer over the past five years,...
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    No. fuck this. This is not a reason to celebrate. The money that Susan G. Komen was granting to PP provided...
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    Yeah well, it’s not like Planned Parenthood does anything good anyways!
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